Karina, 28.04.1996r.

I was borned and raised in Thorn, Poland, but my real roots lead me to North Caucasus.

When I was a little girl I promised myself that I will step into World-Music Stage and so I never lose hope.

What makes me feel powerfull is Writing&Singing&Dancing,

Spending time running for hours in the woods. You can be sure you will find

  • wearing&writings&flowing
  • Life of TheGirl
  • music – trendy
  • inspirations
  • photos&videos

right here on this blog if any of this makes you feel like you could step for a while,

and if you ask me why I do it, I can tell you it is because I just want to,

you to know me and I also wanna know if you like it and feel the same way

so it is the way that I wanna know you and see If I share it and go with that.