This is definitely my favourite month and not just because  I was born in it, it has much deeper meaning for me. Follow the reading and get motivated!

Most of us already know that there is no coincidence with numbers, so let’s remind what story goes with April, fourth month. Since Number 4 is highly composite number it represents very strong values : endurance, progress, wisdom, patience, determination, hard work., it represents Passion and actions – that means the Universe is inviting us to our dream place, all we have to do is trust our talent because April is a GO-GET. It is time when we receive the most fortunate energy for business, get motivated reachin our goals. One of the meaning comes from latin word „aperire” which means „to open”.

Doesn’t it sound ultra positive? Like a new begginig,  strong faith and clear mind! I don’t know how you, but I am not wasting my time sitting in room, here is song that is a perfect indication of this SPRING ENERGY

Get caught by wind and see where it will take you, and remember if you look at your future it is the one lookin at you.



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