Curtains Open

Presentation time change sometimes

May not always show exacly you. 

Pictures are the mirror that we choose.

They provide a chance to tell a story.

Music is a very strong motivation healing, don’t forget that.

Extra music

 Maybe you are the one that should read it and press the colored words

If there are people that can’t stand your smile – congratulations! You are a Rock Star.

If there is some joy that just happened in your life – fly because you are a sugar now.

If you are going out – prepare like a wild cat and tell em whos your mama 🙂

If you catch this worst thoughts that you can’t get what you want – you are wastin time.

That’s how I managed to survive, it is really easy to break-down because this world is full of hate&misfortune&jealousy but it is also overcrowd with love&support&gratitude. You choose group you belong to and thats okay if you don’t feel me right now – love the music and you will. Now go and take a BO$$ picture of yourself ! 🙂



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