Charming heroes

~ Tasteless stories are boring me

Facin night and no callin me ~

This is how I wrote the beginning of song, I got inspired with the photo.

06.04 Poznań, I never actually been there so I prepared for catchin new ideas by payin attention to anything that will sound like an art.

These little creepy rabbits I found at Shopping center Stary Browar.

Blue&pink is a very catchy combination, it sound like oxymoron but in the same time it is very similar. Colors made big impression on me – like 3D effect,  rabbits are actually a very fascinating pets. They are linked to movies like Alice in Wonderland  which makes them mystery, full of precious symbols from desire and procreation to love and family.  They easily colligate with luck, seen as happy guides also in dreams – those who see it are a promised success.

I also chose this photo because it reminds me idea of unity. It is more than obvious that we have a gender division presented but in a very favourable arrangement. That picture give me the reason to believe that there is an agreement between boys&girls in every area, 2:2 configuration gave me feeling of justice and peace that is so important in everyday life, moreover required for both side benefits.

Some things are just very intriguing. Sweet like a candies, but warrior inside. Someone who only look at them will not see them.



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