Engine and how I lost my Hair Tie

~Ride so far is no remedy,

makes no sense if I’m world-weary.

Fearless heroes are charming me,

tryin hard and no guarantee. ~

This is my next idea for the song, I hope I will finish it today.

Recording it will be the best beginning expierence for me.

I wish to make songs that listening to just one time is not enough.

This is what I want to achieve right now.  I let my emotions just flow in the air.

My breakfast is my queen of food. I never forget about it and eat it right after I wake up.

Right now I am preparing a little for my future plans so I quicked from eating evening meal. That gives me the feeling like I can not wait till havin my breakfast, but still I enjoy it everytime. I will always advice people to eat breakfast because that is exacly like engine and as you can see I try harder than joghurt. I keep it healthy, eggs are required and I never forget about vegetables. That is just a standard of my day, the next breakfast means the next day – the next chance – the next step.

Fast Shot: yesterday I lost my hair tie when I was running, couldn’t find it anywhere so I ran with my loose hair.

I beat my record, I never felt so fly and I decided to start era freehair-run in my life 🙂



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