~This is my scene,

story begin and I am in different clothes.

Perfect routine,

extra within and I just have no choice.

This is my audience,

places fulfill and I am responsible.

How did it happen,

caught up the whirl and I just can’t stop it. ~

That is how I see it, first comes the stage.

Place where you can’t be wrong, and if you will you have 30% to fix it or 70% to ruin all show. I did this one time, I was with my group at dance competition – I mixed up moves and not just one time, during the show I was crying inside – I dissapointed public and myself. We are talking about competition that groups wait for all year, prepare very seriously for this International big event. Right now I don’t belong to any Dance Club but there was a time when I hide my head in pillow. It was my fault, I did not focus. But there is no thing that will discourage me from getting what is made for me.

Hard is the role of  performancers. If they good –  will care about the audience. Impressive is the one who can show something more, the one that is very confident but at the same time will engage our trust, someone who light up positive thoughts with no imposing or worst – pretending.

That is how I feel it, audience comes next.



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