Cold Blue

~ Pick up the phone

Tell mi did you borrow them jeans they are gone ?

I’m more than a mode

and they were my favourite ones ~

Dark Blue represents attributes like trust or intelligence, when light Blue stands for infinity and peace, of course. That is because we connect it to sea or ocean –  nature’s colour. I guess a lot of people like blue (in the source it is written that it is „the favorite color of all people” but I really don’t know if those are actual information)  and I really am not surpised. It is so universal and It also brings me positive emotions. I would like to share with you something more. It is very interesting that blue sometimes may be  as a cold colour. That makes it – mean ? – or maybe empty feelings ? I think we don’t really appreciate this colour anymore. Let’s take a look at jeans, they are blue – at least most of them – every boy wear it and every girl look good in it. It is impossible that we will forget about blue jeans one day. So Blue is actually very attractive, no way it could be a cold one, it is cool one.

Heading is what I wrote for the song with the very specific character,

The beat let me sing in this way, I don’t know what made me feel like.

Maybe it is because it reminds me of something, it has this Arabic style a little Indian too.

I don’t know why but I always wanted go to Dubai, like very very. / Anyway this made me feel I want to do something very spontaneus with the spicy taste.

This is just some text, anybody could write it but we are talking about the attitude – the fit in.  Every right beat needs right lyrics and style that decorates it all.

I  hope you will hear it one day, like very very 🙂

Sources : www.colormatters.comp



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