~ I pay attention to every person,

what they say, but only sometimes.

I listen carefully what they mention,

what they choose  but only sometimes.


I seek for ways to convince me and my,

I represent what I can face now, but it must be only sometimes.

  just got my heart

then catch my part,

what I hear is the best talk

blanket words, it must be blanket words. ~

Blanket words are not just some-some. They are words that bring the most emotional state for a person, I like to call them key words. But I don’t want to be boring, I need to share with my today expierence.

Did I mention that I love to be in the right place in the right time? Well I do. And today it helped me realise something.

Yesterday I turned 21 by the way so I decided to buy myself little gifts. I went to Empik, very popular and cool store with music, books and actually everything.

On the photo is what I chose, this notebook and this book. That is because they gave me blanket feelings – you see what I did there ?  Sensation of warmth, and all this light that everything is cool and will be. I just like to surround myself with things that match to me.

I was heading to check-out with my gifts, I heard some and there she was.

Little blondie with long ponytail walking so bright, and her mum.

They were arguing catchy  – so the little one wanted something very badly and she was trying to explain how much it is important, but her mother would not give up so easy so she cleverly tried to end her wish.

I did not really pay attention to that – until I heard what it was all about –

A MUSIC CD! – I thought she wanted some candy or maybe colored pens, but no.

This sweet girl from very young generation said to her mum ” There is nothing else I want! ” <— she actually really said it loud like a demand( I know she is so COOL!) and those are my day blanket words, or maybe I will even make them monthly, they were good.

Why this expierence was so important to me?

Because once again somebody gave me a lesson.

Who will listen to us if we will not be convinced, I am pretty sure that she will get this CD sooner or later.

Something that we already know – that Music is everywhere, no matter the age it makes us cool.

I tried to smile to her but what I was thinking? Girls like her are to busy ! 🙂  Anyway…I also felt a little sad, parents are smart but sometimes we should educate them how is going here on this generation.






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