Caris Kay

Name : Karina Gaytamirova

e-mail :

I introduce my soul as The Explosive Mixture.

I’m with wide range of interests to fully use wonders of the world.

I find my characteristics on nature background, comparing helps me to easy define individual space.
You can call me a

  • Night – I don’t mind the loneliness, I need it to understand myself

  • Sunshine – I can not find a limit to my patience, that I believe guarantees positive outcomes

  • Rain – reminds me of who I am, expose my emotions

  • Fire – just watch me dance

  • Wind – I keep up the irrepressible impetus

  • Rainbow – I never lose hope, simply.


I came up with the stage name CARIS KAY because that gives me the chance to show my personality from other side. My everday life as Karina is headed by modesty and responsibilities that I have to face, I keep my eyes open for new opportunities that guides me to being Caris – girl that I always wanted to be recognised for. Kay is never shy or uncertain, she always know what to say and how to act, she is the coolest version of me, got this very bold mindset and she doesn’t fear of anything. It spells exacly like key. When I feel her I come up with the best ideas for writing my songs, my dance moves become hard to ignore and everything just makes sense.

One thing that never change is my obsession with earrings, they better be big and shiny.

When it comes to my culture, what I trully believe is that the most important determinants are based on purely clean heart, good intentions, awareness of deeds and our major values.

My life purpose is to become the best version of myself… and I love pink.